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Are you interested in making your organization better and want to improve the outcome for your students and community? Are you a forward-thinking visionary leader who is not afraid of change?

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Berryman Scholarship

The Dave Berryman Leadership Development Scholarship is awarded annually to two administrators in career and technical education.

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The Association for Career and Technical Education® is the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for careers.

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Meet the Board

Our board members are devoted to provide leadership and advocacy in the promotion and development of career-technical education in the secondary and post secondary school systems.

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NCLA Board Member Selected for Ohio ACTE’s Ambassador Award - Nancy Mulvey, Great Oaks Career Campuses

In 1986, Nancy Mulvey began her education career as a math instructor at Great Oaks. Since then, she has been working tirelessly to further the impact of career-technical education and increase career-technical opportunities. Nancy worked to bring school-based mental health programs to Great Oaks, and led a redesign of special education delivery. She was a founding member of the District Equity Committee, with the goal of increasing inclusion, equity, and respect in the school. As Dean of Diamond Oaks Career Campus, she made sure career-tech has a presence in the community. She involved the campus in the Harvest Home Parade, a tradition in the community. In addition to her work with Great Oaks, she serves on the national NCLA Board and is a past president, she is a member of the ACTE Administrative Policy Committee, and, locally, she is on the Board of the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce. She is a four-time OACTE Pacesetter Award winner, and was a member of the Aspiring Superintendents Academy.
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  • NCLA is curated. NCLA's professional development offerings are chosen with the utmost care and in-depth research to ensure that they are highly relevant, valuable, and meaningful to the specific field of CTE administration.

  • NCLA is all about innovation. NCLA members are always looking for fresh ways to improve the outcome for their students and communities, and NCLA makes it easier to discover the innovative resources that will make the difference.

  • NCLA is fun! The boutique-style, small-conference vibe of NCLA lends itself to personal connections that go beyond the norm. NCLA members are passionate about learning and growing together in active community.

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  • » Notice of Proposed Constitution and Bylaw Amendments: The Board of Directors of NCLA is proposing changes to the Constitution and Bylaws of the organization. In accordance with the process laid out in the respective documents these changes are available by clicking here. Additions to the documents are in italics and deletions are noted by a strike through. Voting on these changes will be held at a general session of the Best Practices and Innovations in CTE conference in Louisville, Kentucky, September 26-28, 2018.

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Mission Statement

To provide information, professional development and networking to CTE administrators that result in excellence and innovation.


To contribute to the nation's economic prosperity through the promotion and development of excellence in career and technical education.